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NoCo: Noah's tail

Noah turned his head and looked over at his evil big sister. ,,Please Anja. Stop! It's not fun!'' 16 years old Noah Caballero shouted. Anja was making balloon-animals of Noah's long monkey-tail. Noah's sister smiled evil at him.
When Noah was six years his sister tried to make a growing-elixir. But Anja's squirrel monkey had lost an hair in the mixture, and when Noah tried to drink it(because it looked like soda) a monkey-tail gown out of his butt, and his canines grow bigger. He did also got better instincts, better view, better hearing, and better sense of smell.
Noah put his favourite book in the bag, and lifted it. He vas going to the third season of total Drama. Noah jerked the tail out of Anja's grip, and put it down his pants. ,,Noah!'' his mother shouted down stairs. ,,The bus is here!'' ,,I'm coming!'' he jelled back, and run down whit his bag in his hands. ,,Bye mom! Bye dad! Bye Anja!'' he shouted at his family as he walk into the bus.
,,Hi, Noah. Sit here.'' A woise said. Noah turned his head, and saw the smiling gaped-tooth boy, Cody talked to him. ,,ok, what ever.'' Noah answered in a I-don't-care tone, and sat down. It hurt to sit, but he had got used to pain, so it didn't bother him.
Noah had always liked Cody. Well at least sins he first saw him. And Noah…He know he was gay. He had always know it, but he did only love Cody.
Some wile after, exactly 5 weeks after. Noah sat down on the ground, and was watching Cody. Izzy saw that and understood it at once. She leaned down to Noah's ear and whispered. ,,I know how to let you and Cody be alone.'' ,,W-what a-are you t-talking about?'' Noah said shocked and afraid. ,,I talk about you being a gay, you likes Cody and I want NoCo.'' Izzy whispered lower. Noah smiled at her. ,,Go into the woods, and Cody will soon come to you.'' Izzy explained. ,,Thanks.'' did Noah smile.
A few minutes later Cody and Noah stood trapped in the wood. Noah moved closer to Cody, and took Cody's hands. ,,what are you doing?'' Cody asked. ,,we have to keep the warm!'' did Noah answered, whispering in a sexy woise. He began to slide his arms around Cody's waist, and moved closer. Cody looked scared at Noah. He began to understand what as happened. And then Noah's warm lips closed around Cody's. Noah's tongue fought it's way into Cody's mouth. Cody was surprised and disgusted when Noah suddenly put his hand down Cody's pant. Noah opened his eyes, and looked like he had come out of an trance. Noah dragged his hand out of Cody's pant, and moved away. ,,S-Sorry! I c-could not c-control myself!'' Noah said. Noah signed and looked Cody in his eyes. ,,I love you, Cody! I love you more then my own life.'' He then said.
Cody began to run. His tears frizzed on his cheeks, it hurted. he wanted to run away from his emotions, who said: I love you to Noah! But no one can run away from them…
Noah stood alone in the wood, and looked down. He began to cry. Suddenly something jumped in front of him. ,,How did it work out?'' it was Izzy. Noah leaned his head against Izzy's chest, hold his hands around her waist and cried. Izzy understood it and tappet Noah on his head. ,,I'm sorry Noah, I didn't want this to happen.'' She said, understanding.
Back in the camp the other was about to begin the next part of the competition ,,were ware you?'' Heather shouted when Cody came back.
,,Cool down, Heather! Can't you see that Cody is in shock?'' Gwen said angry. Cody sat on the ground, shaking. ,,N-Noah…'' he whispered, so low that only Gwen heard it.
On the plane…
,,I'm sorry Cody!'' Noah said for the hundred time. ,,I didn't mean to go so far!'' Cody looked away, crying. ,,I mean what I said! I love you.'' Noah whispered. Cody looked up. ,,It's not true. I-I'm not g-gay…I think…or, am I?'' Cody whimpered. He was afraid. Was he gay!. Sins the kiss he had not feel anything like love for Gwen, or any of the girls (or boys) in the plane, except from Noah. But Cody was too scared to confess it.
They heard some other came on the plane, and Cody and Noah sat down on each part of the hallway. Noah pretended to sleep and Cody sat and shake.
,,Cody!'' it was Sierra. The purple-haired girl ran thru the hallway and sat down right beside Cody. ,,are you hurt? Do you need a kiss?'' Sierra said leaning forward. Gwen and Izzy had also came on the plane now and sat down whit Noah. ,,NO!!'' Cody scream to Sierra. ,,I DON'T WANT A KISS!'' Noah opened his eyes and looked terrified at Cody. ,,I-I can't kiss anyone… specially not a girl.'' Cody said more calm. ,,Why?'' said Sierra hurt. Cody looked Noah in the eyes. And he was sure. ,,I am gay. That's why.'' He said. Sierra saw confused at Cody. ,,Why…?'' she whispered. Sierra began to cry.
finally!!! more NoCo!!!:meow:
i love to make Noah to somehing speshial...mabye i shuld make a story two of NoCo :Lost in the Amazon:hmm:
but anyway part two comes soon (mabye...:evillaugh: )
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ArtCooKi Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Its all so sudden! I like it but it needs better spelling, take your time writing this dont rush for the sake of crazy noco lovers, like me.
Ncooadhy Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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PicklePieCow Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2011
Dammit Sierra, get over it! Go stalk someone else!
Izzy will handle that, I guess ;)
NoCoXD Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
yeah Izzy loves NoCo=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D
PicklePieCow Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2011
Yup :D
NoCoXD Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
next part!!:meow:
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I have you in my deviantwatch so it tells me whenever you post something.
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